Wallet and Other Miscellaneous Brain Thoughts

I found my wallet; it never left the pocket of my work pants.

Which yes, that means I walked aimlessly through the Northwest Portland for an hour last night. Never mind that. It was a pleasant walk even if it was half a blur.  

Other Miscellaneous Brain Thoughts! 
  • Anyway... I need to finish these edits for this book.
  • Also eggs and hash browns must also be made. 
  • And then Jordyn's party is tonight.
  • Also, I miss playing music on a stage with people. A lot more lately.
  • Listen to the song I posted above. Yay Tame Impala! 
  • Also, it's beautifully Fall all around Portland and I love it.
  • Loving the smell of lavender more than ever. I think it smells better in the Fall. 
  • Harnessing my brain powers is the greatest endeavor I've ever taken.  It keeps me very amused.
  • If you are reading this on tumblr go to my website fools!
  • Time to be productive!
  • Bye!