This Waypost

This evening I wandered to Skidmor/North Mississippi Avenue. I wandered up and down the streets before returning to The Waypost on North Williams Avenue which is approximately 4 blocks from my house.

There are quite a number of micro realities between just here and there. I wish I could tell you about all of them, but I'm sure I'll go back. 

I had to get back to The Waypost, it was the whole reason I left. 

I had convinced myself to walk on. It was worth it. I don't question that. But also I had to get back for the time there was well spent.

I returned close to 8pm maybe. Honestly I don't think I know when, but I had 3 beers and some nachos, not necessarily in that order. They were nothing extraordinary (the nachos), but that's okay I'm ready to go back. 

There were many attractive people and good songs to be heard. I read through a comic from Jackie Jones and read a few pages in The Red Book. 

Now I think will rest. Eat some beans and drift to a world narrated by music or maybe Sleepy Hollow with Johnny Depp. Yeah that sounds right. I'll do that. Sleepy Hollow it is. Goodnight.