Morning Coffee and Thoughts and Ramblings

I'm drinking my coffee and listening to Augustana. It's been a while. At one point this was my "one cool Florida morning of the year, day off, fantasize about living in Portland, Oregon" music.

Well that time has come and gone. I've found my wonderland, my forest, and things are happening just like I always knew they would. Yes I knew it all along. Every last bit of it. 

Hey I have a book being published in the matter of weeks! That's fucking awesome! Excuse my language! I swear it's the only word with the grit of my excitement. I wish "marshmallow" or "bubbles" had the same impact but they do not.

Last night I met up with all the people from the Starbucks I've worked at since February. I love(d) them all. That's some scary stuff. To love someone is to guarantee their departure. 

Nothing is forever.

That's what they say.

Who is they?

All of you. 

That's okay.

I've been casting magic long before I understood my own voodoo.

Well I get it now. 

I do.

I really do.

Also this clothing line thing of mine is going well. Getting lots of positive feedback. I would just like to nail down a few more preorders before December 1st so get those orders in people! 

Now that this first book is almost officially done...

I've seen physical proofs. I know the edits are minor. I expect to have a release day really soon. I hope you purchase a copy and attempt to understand my fragmented mind a little better.

But what I was saying.. now that it's almost done... I've really begun digging into the plot of the next book. I've shared the ideas for the story with a lot of you but I can't wait to convey it properly.

I'm running out of attention span and should try and organize my house. There are clutter stacks everywhere. I've decided I need shelves to hang to my wall.

I love my forest very much. Thank you all of you for your support in my endeavors.

Stay magical and never quit dreaming. Never.