Another Day in Portlandia...

I woke up about 8:30 this morning and talked with Smoggie Catt a little and fell back asleep until about 10:45am. I wish I would just get my lazy ass out of bed when I wake up the first time.

Woke up, made some scrambled eggs, took, out the trash and wandered down to Stumptown and got the americano I've been longing to have for a few days now. 

photo (1).JPG

The skies are blue and the sun is out and it's a fresh 68 degrees with a cool breeze. I love the smell of fresh food being cooked and watching all the happy people walk down the sidewalks.

It makes me really excited to get a harness and take Smoggie Catt for walks. It's a whole new world of adventure just waiting to happen. It makes me smile just thinking of the potential pictures to be taken. I love that fluff puff so much!