To Those Who Said It Can't Be Done

To those who said it can't be done; hold your tongue.  I'm a little crazy, but I ain't dumb. 

You underestimate the magic of instinct and a fox's power of scent.  

And I got the Zipcar back just in time and with one minute to spare and parallel parked flawlessly.   

Cascadia you are beautiful! I need to travel more of this vicious coast. So rugged and so powerful. I saw so many sites that due to my limited time with Zipcar I couldn't photograph them properly. This adventure was for the primal memory box.  

Wowzers it was beautiful. Grey clouds reaching down to touch the tops of giant trees on the rolling mountainsides tumbling towards the ocean. Aaaah! 

And the wallet still had ID and $20. Guess who's going to get a drink.

Goodnight Interwebs.

Photo Aug 09, 7 24 44 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 09, 7 45 55 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 09, 5 27 38 PM.jpg
Photo Aug 09, 4 02 45 PM.jpg