Where Are We Now?


Where are we now

Momentary rain

Waiting for forest fires

Waiting to float down rivers

sleep by camp fires

Insecurity and Uncertainty are eternal beings of feelings waiting to be outgrown

There's a lot of magic in this world

Yet this world is but a one coordinate in an infinite, unfathomable unfolding

There's true humility in the nothingness we are

Together we are stronger

Together our energies unite

                             Waiting for forest fires, still making time to enjoy campfires                                    

Campfires and marijuana 

Smores and guitar moans

Keeping my house clean... ish

Improving where I can


Drawing stuff

Not writing quite enough

Thinking a lot

Still looking for a job

Where are we now?

Right where we began, my friends

Circle. Circle. Dot. Dot.

It don't matter much, but it matters enough.