Summertime is busy. You go go go. The adventures are external and it seems it's impossible to convey all the lessons you learn.

I've really lacked in wordy blog posts but Fall is coming. Fall is coming fast. 

Expect lots of pictures of Fall foliage and lots more of my head thoughts. So what's going on in my head and stuff you ask?

I've been working on characters for a new book. When I wrote lyrics for Nausicaa I'd add words on top of music my bandmates I wrote.

I'm taking the same approach to the new book. I'm getting lost in the drawing and then see what stories the characters have to tell me. 

Also I got a new job! Oh yeah! As of this Thursday I begin working at Vivace on NW 23rd and Pettygrove making coffee and crepes! Goodbye Starbucks! You won't be missed! 

Nextly... I've begun a new music project with my friends Tim Craft and Kieran Arnold. Some kind of heavy bluesy mess is sure to ensue. It's been too long since I've done some kind of music and I'm totally stoked to see what happens.

My friend Elena Lopez-Trigo came out from Miami and visited this Summer. I'm very grateful for that. Nothing like connecting with an old friend and feeling like you never missed a beat.

Expect more updates and rambles other than just Sleepwalking Moments. Though I do enjoy those posts. It's a very meditative ritual where I rid myself of expectation and stick to very basic shapes and line segments and see what happens.

It reminds me to breathe and think over what is happening in my life. The beauty in Sleepwalking Moments is what I do for therapy is an open interpretation comic for you.

I'm finally making more money so expect new Sleepwalking Merch sometime sooon...ish...

I love my friends. I adore my girlfriend.

It seems that sometimes I have to wait a long time for good stuff to happen and sometimes it all happens at once and it's hard to convey my appreciation and I get stuck in your head trying to make sense of it all.

I'm in a good place even if it's just for a minute; momentary bliss seems way better than conflict. 

I leave you now interweb friends.

Trust magic. Be free. Sleepwalk with me.

<3 -ABC