not quite 2018 yet

the internet is a crazy place. don't forget to localize and harmonize. this place is only secondary. #ifyawannarevolution

that being said, i go through phases with the internet since my last band ended back in Florida. If I am going to be a part of it, I keep it genuine. I do intend to engage more this upcoming year via interwebs. More posts. More rambles. 

These days I am remembering espresso and internet were my first vices and dropping some of the more recent.

Starting with tobacco. It's a waste of my money and a distraction from singing out and being fully in the moment. My hands don't fidget as much. What's that about? Not cool.

I bought Smoggie Catt a "space box" for Christmas, at least that's what we're calling it. It's a diamond shaped box with all sides being cardboard scratch posts except one that she can climb in and scratch or sleep in.

I started reading 1984, it's taking me a moment to get into. Thus my typing and internetting at the moment. Maybe I had too much coffee. Either making use of all this energy while doing as the doc said and being still for few days. That's hard to do. 

My friend Jackie Jones is on her way to town. She lives in Washington but we met in Portland. I've blogged about her before. 

I'm going to write some words and draw on paper not web now.