I’ve been making lots of coffee.

It’s a monday through friday kinda job at the moment.

working on lots of art, too. I’ve been working on a big commission piece for someone in Florida.

Pictures coming soon.

singing songs. more and more. that’s the truest joy I find in this life.

i like where i am even if at times it feels kinda lonely at times.

I have Smoggie Catt and magic.

Thank you.

All of you.

You know who you are.


See it all.

Thank you for being here.

We couldn’t do it without

Smoggie's first crush

My next door neighbor just told me Smoggie Catt has a crush on her cat and saw pictures.

It's adorable. Their cat lives indoors so the pigs of them looking through the window at each other is storybook magic. 

Play date is a must. Smoggie needs a haircut.  

I can't giggling. Little girl has her first crush. Hehehe. Okay.  




Live in the Moment

“My home
Is a girl with eyes like wishing wells
I'm not alone
But I'm still lone, lonely
When I was young
Always go below the midnight sun
Those days are done
But I'm still glowing “

and things.

So I have not picked it up yet, but a nice earthling named Warren dropped my phone that was missing at the coffeehouse I work at.

Sometimes. Some things. work out.

on the library computer once more typing out blog words. rambles.

not having a phone has made that a routine. I think it should continue.

last nite.

Brandon and Diane and Wendy. The Ranger Station. Fire side chats.

Jessie. Hannah. Angelo’s.

backtrack. rewind. feel it in the bottom of your back.

Listening to Portugal. The Man. song: Mr Lonely (ft. Fat Lip)

I like it. Sad. It’s got feels though.

Otherness: I need Focus. Every so often I think I have it. I know I got it.

Tidal Wave. Portugal the Man.

As radio friendly as this album ended up being, It’s grown on me a lot. Thanks PTM.

Excited to see what happens next. I haven’t seen them live since they “broke out” “got big” “blew up”

whatever that wordage is. It’s about time.

I need more coffee in my head.

Meeting my friend Diane at 2pm. Focus.

I am very grateful my phone showed up and I didn’t end up buying a new one.

What an extension of the 21st century adult experience these “smart phones” have become.

It’s nice to step away from them. Finding that balance is key to surviving Singularity.

I am an earthling.

I am blessed.

I am a mess.

I’m not home yet.

I’m wandering.

I long to feel Hohm.

one way or another, we’re going to find it. we’re gonna get it. get it. got it. good.


last nite

nw 4th and hoyt.

burning gloves and falling angels.


ascendant beer company. ha… Damn yummy Cubano and red ale. Sam Densmore was playing music tunes.


… wyld styllins? sp? new vintage shop on east burnside and 28th. new shirt acquired. thank you and good luck with the new business.

Holman’s bar. Troy. Vedrin. HeeInn. Definitely spelled that last name wrong. sorry friend. It’s written correctly in the magic book. That’s not on myself at the moment.

Olive and Tyler?

Blue sunsets.

….. now to focus. bye bye interweb.


cadence, rhythm, and voice

give me a song to sing and i’ll be fine and you’ll be fine, too. give me a song and we’ll sing the whole god damn night through…

I am still actively looking for people to make music happen with.

My instrument is my voice and my body. My instrument is the microphone.

I have my melodies I sing when I’m walking down the sidewalk. I have my melodies in my head.

The best songs I’ve ever written come from sharing space with musicians and listening until the muse whispers in my ears.

If you’re interested. Let me know. email me, face to face me.

I believe rock n roll is a state of mind not a drum beat. I believe rock n roll will change the world, hopefully for the better. It definitely can’t get any worse.

I want to play with people that understand it’s greater than us.

That understand with great power comes great responsibility.

Let’s fuck shit up.


Grey Daze

“You ever felt like Noah on an overcast day? David take down your harp and sing?” -Aaron Weiss

It’s been raining and raining. I am grateful for that.

The phone I lost a week ago may be within reach. Here’s to trusting .

Janis Joplin. David Bowie. Mewithoutyou.

Can you dance even when the ways are weary? Do you sing when no one is around?

why the long winding road to nowhere?

Let the guitars moan on. Let us dream of snow. Let us let the rhymes flow into a metronome of soup.

savory. warm. cozy. it’s all in the broth.

instinct vs reflex. can you decipher the difference?

well whale


what’s new? I lost a cell phone. again. I was on a good streak for a little while.

If you are reading this and have a spare I would prefer to buy one off a friend over spending a lotta dollars on a new one. email me at

other happenings: I went to a show at The Ranger Station last nite. 3 great bands played.

  1. Complimentary Colors

  2. Milk Bandits

  3. Flying Caravan

I’ll go back and hyperlink to them or make another blog post doing so at a later time. I’m using a library computer before heading home.

A kinda snowy weekend. As in snow fell and mostly melted away before the next day ended.

Maybe some this week. It’s damn rainy today. That’s what I love about Portland. I heard on the radio Mt Hood is suppose to get 3 feet of snow tonight. That’s a lotta snow.

“some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues…”

Alright friends… I am going to stop computer time and go finish running errands.

Be Free,



On the bus 

On the way to work

Running late

Phone charger didn't work  

It has a short

I have a back up

Use it

Head is fuzzy

A few blocks from coffee

We got this

Let's do it


Amy. Energy feeler. 


Found food across the street from fred Meyer.  

Thank you all.

I love you too.  

Staring at the fire

ranger station. 

Kathy Rogers and Saul. 

Camp cascadia  

Rando chicas

Also travis 

Strange guitar.  


Hashbrowns next?? 


Hello February

Begnning of the second month. 

In the midst of Aquarius season followed by the Pisces season.  

One of the most interesting times of the year for myself.  

January was dry and even warm in Portland,  Oregon.  

I feel February will bring the rain back and maybe some snow in the valley. It's rainy today.  

To do list:

Laundry, vacuum, cooking oil, and Smoggie essentials.  

Woke up at 12ish noon. Fell asleep with the lights on again. That's a shitty habit. 

Pause. Vacuumed room. Another cup of coffee then it's off to get Smoggie's essentials.  

Until soonly..