New Book

Thank you Scot for the new book. Before last night I had only read excerpt from this book on the interweb.  


I do confess Tim Burton along' s drawings are a huge inspiration on my own. He and Suess as I mentioned a few blog posts before.

That is all for now. Thanks again Scot.

Dr Suess

I just realized it's Dr Suess's birthday, he's definitely a huge inspiration in my art.

Thanks Pop Pop for making sure I knew about that magic. 

Side Thought.. Thinking about my current state of mind versus a year ago.  

Grateful for the present.  



2017 has been the most challenging, inwardly and outwardly, of my life to date.

Rather than focus on those times I'd like to take the last few moments of 2017 to give gratitude; to the trees which continually refill me with patience and perseverance and to the goddess who helped me see beyond the third dimension. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  

 Sleepwalking Moment SW1094

Sleepwalking Moment SW1094

not quite 2018 yet

the internet is a crazy place. don't forget to localize and harmonize. this place is only secondary. #ifyawannarevolution

that being said, i go through phases with the internet since my last band ended back in Florida. If I am going to be a part of it, I keep it genuine. I do intend to engage more this upcoming year via interwebs. More posts. More rambles. 

These days I am remembering espresso and internet were my first vices and dropping some of the more recent.

Starting with tobacco. It's a waste of my money and a distraction from singing out and being fully in the moment. My hands don't fidget as much. What's that about? Not cool.

I bought Smoggie Catt a "space box" for Christmas, at least that's what we're calling it. It's a diamond shaped box with all sides being cardboard scratch posts except one that she can climb in and scratch or sleep in.

I started reading 1984, it's taking me a moment to get into. Thus my typing and internetting at the moment. Maybe I had too much coffee. Either making use of all this energy while doing as the doc said and being still for few days. That's hard to do. 

My friend Jackie Jones is on her way to town. She lives in Washington but we met in Portland. I've blogged about her before. 

I'm going to write some words and draw on paper not web now. 



In less than 30 minutes I'll be getting a vasectomy. One of the most responsible decisions adult me has ever made. 

I understand some people wait their whole lives for kids.

I am a wanderer and an artist. My travels and my art, written word, and music are and will always be my "kids". 

You never hear about Van Gogh's son or Shakespeare's daughter. That is the importance of this decision. 

Meteor Shower

For those who are awake and not in the know, there's a meteor shower tonight. 

Peak time is 1-2am Pacific Time. Put down your cell phones and watch the sky glow. 

well hello

i went over my phone's data limit which i was hot spotting to my laptop at the  house, so I've really slacked in my blog writing.

Last night was my last night working for Subway. That was a very interesting adventure in a very interesting part of Portland. I am grateful for the job when I was in a dark spot and broke for money, but excited for the time I'm going to have to focus on creative endeavors.

Donald Trump is shrinking the size of two national monuments.. land... in Idaho. I still have more reading to do on said mess, but this is what I have feared the most. I hope he doesn't try to do the same in Oregon. Shit is getting more and more cray, and it's harder for me to be quiet. 

Making lots of art the last weekend. 

Started a book this weekend, book one of a trilogy. The book is called "Annihilation". 100 of 195 pages in. I hope to finish it up this afternoon after doing my grown up errands: gather paystubs, buy groceries, clean up the mess I've made of the kitchen, and so on.

I made another music thing. It's chaotic, but I love it. It's part of the album "Fear and Magic" I've been slowly adding songs to. It's been an experiment with making guitar sounds via the synth. 

With all those words said, I'll post the song below and wander outside the coffee shop and begin the errands on the todo list. 

Be free, friends. -ABC

Well Played

It's no game 

There's no reason  

I forgot I was dreaming

Woke up breathing

It all seemed very natural to me

To others it's living  

To some it's hell


How ya doin?  

Daytime chores

And a chorus of love will surely get you moving  

I saw it on the TV

They have a medicine for everything  

Thanks for Giving

I fell asleep stoned silly last night, listening to the rain, letting the wind blow drip drops through the window as I lay below listening to one of my favorite artist, World's End Girlfriend.

I got out of bed about 1pm, binge drinking coffee and feeling experimental. I pulled out the synth and garageband and started making noise. Below is the final, only recorded proof of that moment that has been the last couple hours or so. I don't know much about time.

I may add more tracks to this one after said shower. I also need to wander outside because I still have not done that today. 

I should shower and munch on something. I am going to my friend Alan Page's this evening and a shower would give me some focus. 

The last year has been one of the most uncertain of my entire life up until now and I've been very contemplative and reflective on truly what I am thankful/grateful for.

I normally don't pay this holiday of Thanksgiving much mind, but I am taking time to really contemplative the why's of whom and what I am grateful for all week.

To those that have been part of the past year, I thank you all for the good, the bad, and damn right ugly because in the past year I have remembered and discovered a lot more than I will type out in this moment. Let the music do the rest. 

Be Free Fellow Earthlings,