Here lately


on broader reasonings

breathing out

as important as reaching up

working isn't doing

dues over doings

yes and yes

Last week was a busy, productive week.

I sold eight sleepwalking moments. Half on my own and half via PDXChange on Mississippi Ave.

My friends Dani and Travis had a going away party Saturday night. 

Reconnected with a lot of people I haven't seen in a while. 

and more and more and more. 

There was a full moon last night. 

I saw a really wild car accident happen right in front of me. Fortunately I was far enough away it didn't involve me. 

I was offered another part time job, too. only 2 days a week, but it would put a few more hundred in my possession a week and that could go a long way these days. 

I just finished eating a quesadilla with carnitas. very yummy and about to pack up the laptop and go make my house and room clean. First of 3 days off from my day job.

So get home base settled today and then tomorrow and can follow through with emailing all the people I need to about other potential art happenings, update .com, etc. 

Oh  yes! I forgot. I named and framed a couple of my Sleepwalking Moments. It's not until they get a frame that I name them something other than "Sleepwalking Moments SW____".

Named and Framed two and they are now in the dressing rooms at Wonder Ballroom

Alright my attention span is drifting. I need to go for a wander then clean my house up. 

Be free fellow earthlings. 



I didn't sleep well last nite. I spent a majority of the night, pre 1am, reading "Mists of Avalon". 

I've got a lot of pages to cover and got distracted there for a little over a week, but now I'm back at it.

The more I read, the harder I find it to stop reading. 

Weather is rainy to sunny, rainy to sunny, the last two days.

I picked up a few extra work shifts this week so my internal clock is a little wobbly.  That's okay though. So it goes.

I have an exciting art opportunity in the happening, but I will wait to share that when it comes to fruition.

Instinct > Influence 

Breathe and see with eyes unclouded.



Long Time / No Post

A lot of dreams that feel like reality lately.


The only consistency is the one I admire greatly. She's always there. Strange to myself because I've never dreamt of someone I care about before she floated into my reality. 

There's been hints of war, too. At home in Portland, and discussion from a far. 

I don't claim to know what it all means, but it seems worth rambling.  

I forget the rest of the details until they seem to happen in real life.  

to be continued...



New Book

Thank you Scot for the new book. Before last night I had only read excerpt from this book on the interweb.  


I do confess Tim Burton along' s drawings are a huge inspiration on my own. He and Suess as I mentioned a few blog posts before.

That is all for now. Thanks again Scot.

Dr Suess

I just realized it's Dr Suess's birthday, he's definitely a huge inspiration in my art.

Thanks Pop Pop for making sure I knew about that magic. 

Side Thought.. Thinking about my current state of mind versus a year ago.  

Grateful for the present.  



2017 has been the most challenging, inwardly and outwardly, of my life to date.

Rather than focus on those times I'd like to take the last few moments of 2017 to give gratitude; to the trees which continually refill me with patience and perseverance and to the goddess who helped me see beyond the third dimension. 

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.  

 Sleepwalking Moment SW1094

Sleepwalking Moment SW1094

not quite 2018 yet

the internet is a crazy place. don't forget to localize and harmonize. this place is only secondary. #ifyawannarevolution

that being said, i go through phases with the internet since my last band ended back in Florida. If I am going to be a part of it, I keep it genuine. I do intend to engage more this upcoming year via interwebs. More posts. More rambles. 

These days I am remembering espresso and internet were my first vices and dropping some of the more recent.

Starting with tobacco. It's a waste of my money and a distraction from singing out and being fully in the moment. My hands don't fidget as much. What's that about? Not cool.

I bought Smoggie Catt a "space box" for Christmas, at least that's what we're calling it. It's a diamond shaped box with all sides being cardboard scratch posts except one that she can climb in and scratch or sleep in.

I started reading 1984, it's taking me a moment to get into. Thus my typing and internetting at the moment. Maybe I had too much coffee. Either making use of all this energy while doing as the doc said and being still for few days. That's hard to do. 

My friend Jackie Jones is on her way to town. She lives in Washington but we met in Portland. I've blogged about her before. 

I'm going to write some words and draw on paper not web now.