Last Nite

Open mic at ranger station. Connie and Of were there. 

Followed them to an open mic, live jam at KBoo.

I met a girl named who had a pretty voice.  

Luke was at both locations, too. He plays the harmonica beautifully.  

I lost my wallet just over two weeks ago. Trimet found it two days ago.  

The 200 cash gone but ID still intact.  

Headed to Trimet lost and found now.  




"You ever feel like Noah on an overcast day? David take down your harp and play!" 

Grateful for it all.  


Write Now

About to sleep. 

It's really cold.  

Still not a lotta rain. 

Just saw one of my favorite people.  

Hours felt like minutes.   

I am blessed.  

Confused and foolish.  

Thankful nonetheless.  


what happens next

my friend Steve gave me a desktop computer and i recently got a new phone. with their powers combined i am able to interweb from something more than my phone.

which means i’ll be writing more. it’s an important piece of me I tend to put off for the sake of drawing. All voodoo must be properly practiced to pursue full potential.

Feeling it all, friends. It’s been a strange fall in Portland, Oregon.

Full moon last weekend.

Smoggie Catt is resting on the couch beside me.

She’s my greatest companion.

Well now I know the laptop/phone connection works so I’m going to sign off here.



October has been full of moments. 

Here and there.  

Looking out.  

Letting go.  

Holding on.  

Wandering in new neighborhoods.  

Drinking less as frequent.  

Starting a new job in a coffee shop.  

A birthday.  

Winding down job at the sandwich shop.  

New art display.  

Still working on publishing book.  

Making more music.  

Drawings more intense.   

Still trying to find home in a building of nouns.  

I love Smoggie Catt.  

Virginia and Stuff

I made it to Virginia on Saturday morning. I’m leaving tomorrow evening.

It’s been nice to sit and talk with family. I got a couple new tattoos, too.

I don’t have the attention span to type right now.


Nike and Colin

I've been watching all the words on social media about Nike siding with Colin Kaepernick for a few days. 

I've been slow to say words because there is a lot to absorb. 

A friend called me last night and I think she said it best so I'm going to paraphrase her words. 

Also before I do that I want to quote Kaepernick:  

 "I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color," Kaepernick told NFL Media in an exclusive interview after the game. "To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder."

We have to support people who make a stand and deliver awareness in any way possible. 

Yes, Nike has done and is doing horrible things including sweat shops. 

That is not a reason back up that has been under the rule of white supremacy for as long as it's existence and continues to try to just that. 

A young African American chose to lay down his career and make a stand for something for greater than himself.  

Now Nike has taken his side and it is opportunity to expose more inconvenient truths.  

Corporations can't hide from there wrong doings anymore. No one can. A great awakening is/has been happening.  

All lives will not matter until all lives matter. As a white male it would be complete ignorance for me to even pretend I know the life of a African American.   

Thanks for sharing your thoughts Fawn Shilow and helping talk that out. 

Long live liberty.  





Holy Shiza

These last couple weeks have been busy busy. More updates soonly. 

I just ate a Peruvian burger and a Peruvian beer. I visited Las Primes on N Williams. I needed to eat something different and wander a different route.  

Tomorrow is laundry day and I get a new backpack coming in the mail! Much needed. 

Also hoping to go to the eye doctor tomorrow. It's been too long. I need some new contacts.