i went and saw Kurt Vile play at the Crystal Ballroom last night. thank you sarah!

the ground is moist at the moment. the skies are grey.

the leaves are falling exponentially.

a lot of browns.

i focus my eyes on the yellow but the red is intense on the imagination, as well.

the mud slides in California are no joke. keep those folks in your thoughts. it's only October.

what's more strange to me is a lot of people haven't heard about the mud slides that happened there. 

5 feet of mud on that highway. ping pong-golf size hail.

why is that not news? who picks the news?

i met some friends that work for a local news channel. 

they said they get there news from cnn and ap news.

when they report the news they say "experts say" the poll numbers say _______. 

so my question is who do you get your news from? 

does it trace back to one of those companies?

just curious...