Last night I met a guy named Tony Rose. Actually I met him one time before. At the same bar, Nobby's. The time before I acquired a free slider from said fellow.

Tony Rose is from New Orleans... San Fransisco? Let's keep it vague. He had a similar look and persona to Father John Misty. Loud personality and great clothing style on both occasions. He played some sick saxy. 

I also met a guy named Reese. He was in his 40's. We talked about cigarette smoking, music, insanity, and life... to name a few things. 

Tony Rose showed me an awesome song by Louis Armstrong called Black and Blue. 

I'll leave you guys with that. 

Year: 1965

"I'm hurt inside, but that don't help my case
Cause I can't hide what is on my face
How will it end? Ain't got a friend
My only sin is in my skin
What did I do to be so black and blue?"