well hello

i went over my phone's data limit which i was hot spotting to my laptop at the  house, so I've really slacked in my blog writing.

Last night was my last night working for Subway. That was a very interesting adventure in a very interesting part of Portland. I am grateful for the job when I was in a dark spot and broke for money, but excited for the time I'm going to have to focus on creative endeavors.

Donald Trump is shrinking the size of two national monuments.. land... in Idaho. I still have more reading to do on said mess, but this is what I have feared the most. I hope he doesn't try to do the same in Oregon. Shit is getting more and more cray, and it's harder for me to be quiet. 

Making lots of art the last weekend. 

Started a book this weekend, book one of a trilogy. The book is called "Annihilation". 100 of 195 pages in. I hope to finish it up this afternoon after doing my grown up errands: gather paystubs, buy groceries, clean up the mess I've made of the kitchen, and so on.

I made another music thing. It's chaotic, but I love it. It's part of the album "Fear and Magic" I've been slowly adding songs to. It's been an experiment with making guitar sounds via the synth. 

With all those words said, I'll post the song below and wander outside the coffee shop and begin the errands on the todo list. 

Be free, friends. -ABC