• Yesterday when I was going for a morning walk and found a "one way" street sign. It is obviously hanging on my wall now. Those are  a lot bigger than you might expect.
  • I trudged through many many leaves. It looks as though there may be only a few more weeks of leaf falling. Make sure you enjoy that, Portland. 
  • I also found many little gadgets and had many conversations with Cougan that will most definitely play into greater writing material. I just have to sort it all out in my head. 
  • The most adventurous part was going to Hood River with Cougan. Hood River is a small town nestled into the Columbia River Gorge;  looks like the kind of place I will train to in the dead of winter for a weekend and just let adventure happen. Not a lot there, but there's enough. It's in the gorge!!!
Photo Oct 26, 5 57 53 PM.jpg
Photo Oct 26, 5 23 53 PM.jpg