I woke up with a headache at about 8:30am, went back to sleep, and up and getting the essentials done but this damn headache isn't going away. I've been drinking coffee, took headache medicines, even ate a warm and wholesome meal.  

Also I've been trying to get into the new Arcade Fire stuff but it still hasn't grabbed me like the last few albums. Am I missing something? 

I love Smoggie Catt so much. She is so funny about Portland weather. She loves running outside but then she runs inside telling me about how cold she has got. I try to tell her that I know. I warned her it would be cold. I guess we all just have to learn things on our own. 

Otherly, outside getting my book published I have another new endeavor my friend Josh Bermudez in Florida have been working on. I've told a few of you people about it, and can't wait to tell of you about it. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can go live with the idea. 

Enough computer time for the day. I need to wander.