Distracted But Still Intact.

So my notebook is full to the point of no more writings. Technically there is space but I feel it needs to be done. You know?

New notebooks are kind of like reincarnation. You get a new start but there's always that same basis. Which is the entire reason you write.

Whether that's to share a story, peace of mind, or maybe you just like the look of the lines. For me that's discovery. Discovery about me and the world around me. 

All that to say I need to buy a new notebook/sketchpad thing, but I can't do that until Tuesday.

All of that I would normally be doodling or writing weird words right now but I can't so instead I'm sharing this with you as it pops in my head.

Rearranging some of the sentences of course. 

It makes a better story that way. It's actually more reality. Is that what a blog is? 

I think of it as a digital time capsule closet. 

The real reason I began writing this is to say how beautifully distracting Tame Impala is. That's why I can't read. My mind just wants to wander to other worlds and things.