Last Night

Last night I went and saw The Chariot play at Branx, marking the last time I will ever see them.

I've seen them play numerous times but last night was undoubtedly my favorite performance.  

It was nice seeing them in a slightly (only slightly) bigger venue than 1982 in Gainesville, Florida. Josh Scogin was climbing on everything and jumping on the crowd repeatedly. And he said they were only "playing at 30%". 

It's kind of bittersweet to see them go, but rather to curious to see what the guys do after The Chariot disbands.  

I will say it sparked my inner monster again. I'm ready to play some loud rock n' roll more than ever before.

If you live in Portland and want to play some genuine, heartfelt, heavy rock n' roll you should hit me up.

Long Live The Chariot.